What is Molluscum Contagiosum?

Molluscum is a virul infection of the skin.

How do I know I’ve got it?
You may notice small lumps on your genital area (or elsewhere on your body). If you look closely the lumps have a small white dimple. Do not pick or scratch the lumps as they may spread.

Other things can cause skin lumps so it is important that you see someone to confirm the diagnosis.

How do you get it?
Through skin to skin contact with another person who has the virus. You can spread the virus from one part of your body to another by scratching or picking at the molluscum.

Where can I get diagnosed and treated?

  • Your GP
  • Sexual Health clinic (if the molluscum affects your genital area)
  • What is the treatment?
  • Molluscum may go away by themselves without any treatment (over a few months)
  • There are different treatments available for molluscum such as freezing
  • Your doctor will advise what is best for you

Treating sexual partners
It is recommended that you tell your partner you have molluscum so that they can get any lumps they have looked at and treated if necessary.

What if I don’t get treated?
Molluscum will often go away by itself over 12 - 18 months.


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