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You can find out more information about this service on the HIV Self-Test Scotland website

Waverley Care’s SX service provide support to gay and bisexual men and men who have sex with men who wish to access this service, for those in NHS Forth Valley you can contact  SX Forth Valley ( for support and information.


What is an HIV self-test?

An HIV self-test is a simple test you can take by yourself at home. It uses a spot of blood to find out if you have been exposed to HIV. HIV Self-Test Scotland uses the BioSure HIV self-test because it is a proven way of diagnosing HIV. It 99.7% accurate at finding HIV, and 99.9% accurate at giving a negative test result. Find out more about the HIV self-test 


 Who is the HIV self-test for?

The HIV self-test is for anyone living in Scotland, who wants to get an HIV test in a place that’s comfortable for them.


Why is the HIV self-test needed in Scotland?

The HIV self-test is needed during COVID-19, as a way of making sure everyone can get a test in Scotland, no matter where they live. With travel restrictions in place, as well as limited NHS resources, people who are at risk of HIV are less able to get tested during this time. That means by giving people the chance to get a self-test, we can continue preventing new HIV infections during COVID-19.


What happens if I get a positive result?

If you get a positive result, you will go for a second test to confirm the result at your local sexual health clinic. Whatever the test result, you can also get support to help guide you through the next steps. Find out more about the support available HIV Self-Test Scotland service 


Do you have feedback?

As this service has been rapidly developed responding to COVID-19, we’d love to hear any feedback or suggestions from you on how we can improve. Get in touch with us by email 











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