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The SHARE pack has been refreshed to reflect new policy areas such as Curriculum for Excellence (CfE), the Sexual Health and Blood Borne Virus Framework 2011–15 and Getting it right for every child (GIRFEC). The education resource links to CfE Health and Wellbeing outcomes and strengthens the relationships aspect and parenting factor. It also makes links with other related health topics such as alcohol, drugs and mental health to give a more holistic view to reflect the mantra of CfE.

Given that a high percentage of young people are accessing content through the internet, discussion has been included on the types of images/content that young people may have access to on the internet, specifically in terms of expectations on men and women in sexual relationships so as not to perpetuate stereotypes.

The pack now integrates LGBT references/information to provide a more inclusive learning experience for young people and to reflect current Equalities legislation. Accessibility has been improved with subtitles added to the DVD and information integrated for pupils with disabilities.

Download SHARE pack here

Resource: So what is a Vulva anyway?

Some people say vagina when they are actually talking about their vulva which is fine, but it’s a really good idea to know the proper names to avoid confusion.

This booklet is designed for young people and covers a range of information about what are normal, changes during puberty, naming and identifying the different parts of the Vulva. There is also a brief mention of what is ‘normal’ in comparison to what might be represented in porn.


Resource: Puberty for Boys

Developed by NHS Lanarkshire some short video sequences designed to offer information and support to eduation staff developing puberty lessons for boys.

Resources to support these sessions can be accessed from the Health Improvement Resources Service (HIRS) at NHS Forth Valley.


Resource: Animation clip of the stages of birth

This short animation  was developed to provide information for expectant parents on what happens  during the stages of labour. The sequence may be useful to show what happens during labour and how a baby is born. The voiceover may be less useful in a school setting,  but could be used with the volume muted.


Resource: Parenthood and Relationships Education Toolkit 

This toolkit has been designed to provide resources for practitioners (including teachers, youth workers and other practitioners working with young people) that are flexible, accessible and adaptable. It is intended to offer good quality, relevant materials and information that directly and indirectly address the skills and knowledge young people require to be better prepared for possible future parenthood, and to make decisions about whether and when to become a parent


 Visit a Young Person's Clinic

A short film is available that shows a young person's experience of first visiting a sexual health clinic. This film can be used with session 19 of the SHARE pack. This film is available to download here or  from the home page of this website.

SOS Lesson - Download Powerpoint Presentation & Educators Notes to use with the clinic film.

Alternatively you can use this 30 minute video lesson, narrated by one of our clinic staff.

It is advisable to stop the video at various point to allow for class engagement (for example 'How many different types of contraception can you name?'.   

Consent and Sexual Activity

Here are some links to short animated films that help to explain consent and sexual activity.  It may be useful to view the films to determine which is the most appropriate for the young people in your group/class.

Tea and Consent - a short film (3minutes) that uses the idea of making tea, offering someone tea and drinking tea to expalin the concept of consent and sexual activity.

Ping Pong - a short film (1 minute 30) that uses playing ping pong as an analogy for having sex.

Cycling through consent - a short Canadian film (3 minutes 47) that uses analogy for having sex. 

 Sexting, consent, relationship abuse, rape and porn- New Government site providing information and useful video clips.

 Teaching Consent - a handout of information and ideas on teaching consent suitable for very young children through to young adults.


Supporting Transgender Young People - Guidance for Schools in Scotland

More young people feel confident to ‘come out’ to their friends and families as transgender at a younger age. This is a positive step forward as it allows them to discuss their feelings and access support when it’s most needed. It does, however, have clear implications for school environments, with teachers telling us that they often lack knowledge and confidence in this area.

This guidance will support teachers to ensure that all transgender and non-binary children and young people are safe, supported and included in their schools.

 Resources developed by Stonewall to support schools celebrate difference and challenge homophobia.  Resources for primary and secondary schools.

HIV information and World AIDS Day

 National AIDS Trust -    Downloadable lesson plans and teachers notes including powers point slides that can be (updated) for individual class lessons and assemblies. Statistics, facts and myths, global impact of HIV etc

 Waverley Care -  

Always Hear resource for secondary schools provides basic facts and myths about HIV and information that everyone ought to know.  Hear real people's stories and learn about how one of the greatest challenges of being HIV positive is facing HIV stigma. Provides resource packs of HIV facts and outlines links to Curriculum for Excellence.


NHS Forth Valley Condom Distribution Guidance 

 This protocol is for workers from agencies and organisations operating as distribution outlets for the NHS Forth Valley free condom distribution scheme. It seeks to support non-clinical staff with a sexual health improvement remit whose role may include the distribution of condoms.

Abortion Services in Forth Valley

Information for young people about abortion and abortion services locally.
This short film explains what happens when you chose to have an abortion in NHS Forth Valley. The factsheet provides specific local information and a bit more detail that we couldn't fit in the film.

Managing Sexualised Behaviour Guidance

These guidance has been produced as a response to the sexual health needs of young people in Forth Valley.  Whilst some sexualised behaviour can be a natural healthy part of growing up, some children and young people may develop inappropriate/problematic habits or display sexually harmful behaviour.

These guidelines have been developed to create a consistency in approach amongst all school staff, which in turn creates a shared understanding of managing sexualised behaviour.

Short presentation on the Managing Sexualised Behaviour

Children and Young People who are looked after

Guidance for staff & carers in Forth Valley,who work with children and young people who are looked after  including Care Leavers and those with Disabilities. This document supports Sexual Health, Relationships and Parenthood (RSHP) information and education for all young people.

It provides guidance and a reference tool for carers and practitioners of looked after children and care leavers, including young people with a learning disability, that they might better support these children.

Meeting the needs of young parents in Clackmannanshire

 Guidance for schools, to enable staff to offer consistant support to young women who are pregnant in school (Clackmannanshire Council)


Young People, Relationships and Pornography

A set of 4 lesson plans exploring sexual images, healthy relationships, attitudes and pornography. Designed and developed by Fife's Violence Against Women Partnership.programme for Fife schools. Aimed at S3 but can be used in other year groups.

For further information or free training on how to use the lesson plans, please contact Joanne Barrie

 Pornography lesson plans - contents


Lesson 1

Sex, gender and stereotypes in the media 

Sex definition

Gender definition

Stereotype definition

Range of Adverts

Critical Questions List

Additional sexist adverts


Lesson 2

What is pornography?

Pornography definition

Porn Industry discussion information sheet

Young People stats information sheet

Pornography Quiz and discussion sheet

What is Pornography Presentation

Lesson 3

Pornography and relationships

Discussion cards

Scenario cards

Healthy Sex/Porn Sex laminates

Pornography and Relationships Presentation

Lesson 4

The Harms of Pornography -  Assessment

 Debate Topic Sheet

'Agree' laminate

'Disagree' laminate

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